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Black Ops Paramotor

Bolterauer PPG are proud to announce the launch of the new range of cutting edge premium paramotors in South Africa. The new Black Ops range of high and low hook up paramotors are made from similar composite materials as the Austrian made, Glock firearms.

The paramotor frame and cage design is superior and stronger than any other unit on the planet. Other paramotors made from aluminium and steel are prone to bending and will not sustain any form of crash landing from subtle to major.

The Black Ops composite paramotor is able to withstand the weight of a 100kg pilot standing ontop of the cage without so much as cracking or bending. The composite material is extremely strong and is able to flex enough to withstand and absorb the incidents associated with flying paramotors.

Black ops has raised the bar to which all premium paramotors are measured in terms of quality, strength and robustness is concerned. The harness attached to the Black Ops paramotor is an APCO made and customised unit which comes in both high and low hang point options. The low hang point harness includes anodised, CNC machined J-bars and secure plates with limits for precise weight shift and flight control.

The high hang point version also includes CNC machined and anodised support arms which attach to the back plate and offer a comfortable unobstructed flight. If navigation and electronic guidance during flight is your thing - the high hang point option is for you!

The Black Ops power plant is the very same 220cc single cylinder engine that holds the current world record for the highest foot launch flight ever recorded. The engine is manufactured by H&E in Spain, and incorporates a newly released tuned pipe which produces an additional 8kgs of thrust. The motor now produces around 100kgs of static thrust, and is able to fly a 120kg pilot at the reef.

The combination of the strongest design composite frame/cage with the worlds most powerful 220cc 2 stroke paramotor engine, makes the Black Ops paramotor untouchable. The most attractive part of Black Ops is the price. The complete Paramotor ready to fly with manual start and forced cooling H&E 220cc engine retails for Call for Price (no wing, or other equipment is included)

A New range of Adventure wings with Black Ops insignia will be available third quarter 2014 - look out for the new wings that will make this package the strongest offering in South Africa.

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