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Fresh Breeeze Xcitor - Call for Price all inclusive ready to fly
Completely CAD designed:

Perfect ergonomics, plenty of spring travel at all wheels, a roomy inside and a compact outside. Low, adjustable seats, a low fuel tank and an engine with the cylinders beneath the block bring the center of gravity down as low as possible.

A Wide Wheelbase
and big rear tires provide plenty of safety against rollover. The result is a safe and forgiving take-off and landing behaviour.

The economical 70 HP Hirth engine with digital motor management and digital injection system (!) is capable to take two 100-kg-pilots quickly into the air.

The Newly Developed Trim System and canopy suspension make it possible to fly faster than 65 km/h without excessive steering loads.

The brake lines may only be used for take- off and landing. In the air the XCitor maybe completely controlled by using the trim system only.

The XCitor has it's own wing: The XWing.

At only 28 square meter it is a highly dynamic but very safe glider.

The XWing can be easily recognized by its characteristic speed arrows. You can have it custom made without additional expense.

One can choose among the adjoining colors.

And A Very Special Feature:

The integrated trailer coupling makes it possible the take the XCitor with you without the need for a special trailer

The XCitor can be used to take the glider and other stuff with you, up to 100 kg!

And The Safety?

The XCitor is equipped with a ballistic rocket recovery system. A safe recovery is possible down to a minimum of 100ft!



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