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The Powered Paragliding Meter is designated to measure the basic parameters of your paramotor and to ensure you calm and satisfied flying.

After the experience with the PPG meter from 2009, the new PPG meter has been innovated, improved and we have added a new function – fuel gauge.

Basic division of the PPG meter:

According to power supply:

• PPG meter with the external battery for paramotor with an electric starter
• PPG meter with a 9V battery

According to design :

- a plastic box (black, orange, red, blue - light and dark) font size - 6mm

- a metal box for installation on the dashboard - font size - 6mm

Functions of the PPG meter:

RPM meter
fuel gauge
engine timers – 3 pcs
thermometers 3 pcs
max. temperatures
max. RPM
alarm for temperature CHT and EGT
alarm for fuel gauge
setting of time to service

These are the thermocouple sensors – type K.

The PPG meter kit contains a spark plug sensor – CHT and an outside temperature sensor.

For twin–cylinder and four–stroke engines you can use two CHT sensors for measuring the temperature of the cylinder head under the spark plug, water and oil sensors, etc.

When you turn on the meter, it greets you and informs you about the remaining time to service.

PPG meter has two basic modes:

• mode with the actual measured information
• mode with the saved information which serves also for basic settings

To control this device, use the control button which also serves for switching the meter on, for switching between the individual displays, for entering the mode of changes and for changing the values.

When you do not use the PPG meter, i.e. the engine is not running, the PPG meter will automatically switch off.

Technical parameters and installation:

Power: 7 – 20 V

Long soft RED cable with connector: + battery

Long soft BLACK cable: - battery

Temperature No.1: 0 – 800°C or 0 - 1480°F

Two connectors

Temperature No. 2: 0 – 800°C or 0 - 1480°F

Two connectors

Detection of RPM: about 2-6 round HV cable

long hard BLACK wire












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