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Paragliding and paramotoring is classified as an extreme sport - with all extreme sports come risks and reward. The risks involved with this sport can be minimised by knowing, firstly what the sport is about, and secondly which are the correct products specifically for you, your weight and skill level. At the same time what brands of products are reputable and which are no name copies or Asian reproductions which are potentially unsafe for extended use with aviation type activities.

Your safety is our priority!!

It is our aim to provide a fully stocked showroom with reputable brand products, which have been tested and competed with on the international circuit. All our products carry international test accreditations and AN-xx ratings. All products are internationally recognised and used on a large scale basis around the world - making our products safe for use in the hands of a trained pilot.

We have in-house CNC manufacturing capability and also offer custom made parts like throttles, propeller adapters, quick release propellers, custom J-bars, and eventually our own aerodynamically tested carbon fibre cages.

The Virus XC2 Version 2 is the culmination of the Latest in specialised materials, and engineering designs that have been proven on the international platform from recreational use to competition flying. The recent UK World championships held in August 2016 saw two of our representing pilots take 1st and 2nd place overall in the world! The equipment and wings flown were so to say the "black sheep" of the group, as no-one else used any of the same equipment - lets say we set the bar and the standard on that day with a massive difference in the total number of points won by our pilots compared to the rest of the world using the " world norm" in equipment which is now old, and obsolete in comparison.

The Virus XC2 paramotor chassis is a design of its own, with features that embarrass machines that cost up to double that of the Virus XC2. The chassis is the lightest in its class. Keeping in mind that many models exist which are made of specific materials, in our class, nothing is lighter, and nothing is stronger - We have had acrobatic PPG pilots officially test the chassis strength, and J-bar design, which led to further development and changes being made to finally result in the latest Virus XC2 machine available today - tried and tested by the most aggressive and stringent acrobatic pilots on the planet - we passed with flying colours!

The machine features wheels for easy mobility, a design that looks the part, and is extremely quick to assemble and disassemble with quick release double interlocking slide in mechanisms, designed and manufactured by Virus in-house. The machines net structure and tension system is also an industry first with a double locking adjustable strap which can be adjusted in seconds - literally.

The harness is designed with bridles for up to three reserve chutes (normally a pilot chooses a specific position for a single reserve), water flotation device, and speed bar. The Harness is also the only harness available with a stirrup, for ease of use, comfort during long cross country flights, and this stirrup is easily tucked away with special velcro straps, and can also be removed completely if required. Two zip up pockets are available on left and right of the passenger legs, large enough to put a jacket or jersey into, and with the stretch material, still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look and aerodynamically "clean"

The harness is adjustable in its height attachment to the frame, width, length and depth. The leg straps use a proven attachment method used in skydiving, and not the cheap clip in paddle type clamps that the other machines available are used to. The skydive attachments will negate having to clip in leg straps, and waist straps separately, as this is done with a single clip in point. the only other clip required is the shoulder strap - which has nothing to do with the safety of the harness.

The Virus comes with its own in house designed throttle which will allow you to hold and control your toggle in the same hand as the throttle without having to share fingers with each. The entire toggle (brake handle) and throttle can be comfortably held in the same hand with no restriction of throttle movement.

The fact that the Chassis is compatible with all PPG engines on the market today, makes this the most versatile Paramotor chassis in the world. We have machines flying with engines from HE, Corsair, Vitorazi, Polini, Minari, Simonini, Cisco and Bailey to date.

Pricing varies between two classes of engines:-

200cc class of engine (185cc Vitorazi, 200cc Minari, 172.6cc Cors Air Black Devil, Mini 2 plus 200cc Simonini etc) — Choice of ay of these listed engines, ready to fly, with manual start with the in house designed Virus Throttle - R85 000.00250cc class of engine (HE 250cc, Black Bull 235cc, Cisco 235cc, Simonini Mini2 EVO 235cc, etc) — Choice of ay of these larger listed engines, ready to fly, with manual start with the in house designed Virus Throttle - R88 500.00

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