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Did you know that the current world record for the highest PPG flight was achieved with the very same engine that is included in all Bolterauer packages? Our H&E built engine is the identical unit to the one used to achieve the below official and current world record - for both the highest and longest PPG flight ever recorded.

World records

Determined by the FAI, RPF1 category.[11]

World Record for the highest flight ever recorded:-

• The current world altitude record for powered paragliders (RPF1TM) is 7,589m (24 898 ft). It was set by Ramon Morillas Salmeron (Granada, Spain) on 19/09/2009 while flying an Advance Sigma paraglider and a PAP frame powered with an HE R220Duo engine.

A non official attempt to break the current record:-

• A highly publicized altitude record attempt was made by Bear Grylls on 14 May 2007 at 0933 local time over the Himalayas using a parajet engine invented by Gilo Cardozo and a specifically designed Reflex paraglider wing invented by Mike Campbell-Jones of Paramania. Gilo, who also flew in the attempt, had engine problems that ended his climb 300m short of the record. Bear went on to claim an altitude of 8,990m (29,494 ft), though satisfactory evidence of this claim was not submitted to FAI, and therefore it was not ratified as a world record for this aircraft class.[12]
• World Record for the longest, non stop flight with a paramotor:-
• Distance in a straight line without landing : 1,105 km (687 mi) set on 23/04/2007 by Ramon Morillas Salmeron flying from Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz (Spain) to Lanzarote, Canary Islands (Spain) with an Advance Omega 7 paraglider.

Determined by Guinness World Records [13]

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FAI records as at 2014/05/23